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02 December 2009


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I thought that the song was very catchy and repeative and made me want to dance. It was very hard to work out what she was singing, but eventually I got there. It was cool.

I found it hard to work out what she was saying but managed to in the end. I liked the song.

Alice, j'adore cette chanson. I'm glad you enjoyed listening to it, I think it's catchy too.

J'adore la chanson aussi Olivia :)

I thought it was a really weird song. And it was hard to understand what she said but i got there in the end.

Bravo Zoe. Did you like the song?

The song was really cool!! And it was weirdly catchy but I played it so much it got annoying after a while!!

I really like this song and i think it is very catchy. Firstly i don't really get what she is singing but i got there eventually. This song is making me want to listen to it over and over again.

I'm glad you enjoyed it Sarah. You must have listened to it alot for it to become annoying (I can see why it would)!!

I'm pleased you liked the song Tracy, I think it's really catchy too, and love listening to it :)

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