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23 March 2010


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I found that the dustbin game helped me learn the best, but the last game didn't load so i wasn't able to play it.

I thought the dustbin game helped me learn the most as it made your brain work quickly as you were timed against the clock. I could not load the other games so I could not play them.

the gamesare good and they help you learn easily :)

Lily and I thought the Teacher Invader game was the best, although we didn't get a very high score. we like the game because it tests our memory and there's also a time limit.

The dustbin game and the Teacher Invaders games were really good. For the Teacher Invaders game, the SWF version wouldn't load, and the jeudeloie game had been blocked (for unknown reasons). But for me , the best game was the dustbin game by far.

I enjoyed playing the games the first one- dustbin- Really helped as it was timed and fun!

the dustbin game was really fun and it helped me.

I found the dusbin game really easy!!

I thought the games were really fun yet hard,but still helped me to learn more.
But mostly fun....HEHEHE

I found the games quite hard, interesting and fun.
I liked the dustbin game but i couldn't get all of them correct.

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