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02 March 2011


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Well done! Some nice ideas here - fitness is linked to food and exercise. Lovely strong images as well - it looks very attractive. How do you think you will take these ideas further? What's the next step?

What a fantastic idea! I really love all of your work. You have chosen some great images to go with the phrases (which you all seem to have mastered!). You have really inspired me with this work - I'm going to try this with my class this week!

I'm loving your work on being healthy - excellent French and lovely pictures :-)

Well done. I'll show your work to my class.Merci!!

Bravo! This looks really good - it has inspired me to try it with my own class who are doing the same topic. I'll show them yours as examples. Merci!

Excellent work! Bravo.
I'll have to pinch your ideas and try them with my classes.

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