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16 May 2011


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1 carine does baby sitting to get her pocket money

2 she gets £20 per week
2 she spends her money on books, CD's and magazines

3 last week she went to the cinema with her friends

4 ?

5 she went on holiday with her boyfriend/friend

6 she is saving up for a guitar

1)Yes she gets pocket money.
2)She gets 20 euros per week.
2)She spend it on CDs, magazines and books.
3)Last week she went to the cinema with her friends.
4)They went to the Trice???
5)She's going on holiday with her friends.
6)She's saving up for a gitarre.

1) baby-sitting
2)doesn't get any
4)she went to the cinema with her friends
5)south of france, next year
6) a guitar

1:She doesn't need to do anything for her pocket money.
2:She gets 20 Euros a week, and she spends it on CDs, books and magazines.
3:Last week, she went to the cinema with her friends.
4:She is going to Marseilles, in Southern France, for her holiday, next May.
5:She is going with her friends.
6:She is saving up to buy a guitar.

She does babysitting to get money.

She gets €1.

CD’s, magazines and books.

Went to the cinema last week.

Marseille. She is going next summer.

She is going with her mates.

Saving up to buy a guitar.

1) babysitting
2) ?
2) cd's,books and magazines
3) go to the cinema
4) south of france
5) family
6) guitar

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