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18 February 2012


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Well done Year 8. Some really good descriptions here. It looks a lot of fun being able to create the rooms too. I wish my French teacher had given me fun things to do like this.
Bravo, tout le monde!

Well done year 8! Nice to be able to keep up with your work even though I have left. Miss Wood

J'adore les chambres! Excellent travail!

Hey, well done 8FR4.
There is some really good looking stuff on here. Are these 'just' using cardboard boxes??? They are really effective! Well done! Your teacher put a link to your great work on Twitter - that's how I found you. I shall look forward to seeing your next work on here.
Bon travail! Madame Herridge

Well done Yr8! I love the 3-D work, brilliant! I am going to pinch your ideas when I next teach this topic!

!Trabajo fantástico, Year 8! I teach Spanish; can you tell? LOL! The bedroom project looks like it was fun to do. I like how each one shows the personality of the student who made it. :). How long did the rooms take to make? I think my Year 8 students would like to do something like this. What do you think? :)

Bravo Year 8! Fantastic work. I'm particularly impressed that you placed adjectives after the nouns and even made them agree. My Y10 class always forget to do this!! Super x

Chapeau les gars! Les chambres sont vachement jolies! Bon travail tout le monde!
Mr Connor

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