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02 January 2015


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What a great project! Some super creative models as well as some great French. Good to see that everyone has the adjective after the noun. In order to improve check the spellings of your adjectives very carefully - well done everyone!

J'adore le lit rose et la lampe bleue.

J'adore vos maquettes! Bravo à tous 😊

I love the models particularly. What a great idea! Bien joué!

Bravo! J'adore votre travail. Vous êtes de vrais architectes d'intérieur.

Fantastique. Je tiens ma chambre était aussi bien un art certains d'entre eux. Bien fait tout le monde.
Mr Hancock

Excellent work- I really like the colour and 3D models in some of the rooms! Well done all!

What a clever idea! I really like the way you have included an 'ours en peluche'- I've got several of those on my bed. Great project.

Brilliant stuff. Great for visual learning and fun to make I am sure!

What lovely, colourful rooms described with a very good degree of accuracy. I enjoyed looking at this!

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